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Sunday, Closed

Wedding Dress Cleaning in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Andrew's Of Oxford Ltd are located in Oxford, Oxfordshire, and specialise in wedding dress cleaning, ensuring that your treasured gown is kept in perfect condition for years.

Perfect & Protected

Keep your cherished wedding gown in top condition for years to come with our dry-cleaning services, which are tailored precisely to you.

Whether you want to clean your dress after your big day, or you plan on handing it down to the next generation, our dry cleaners work methodically to give you the best result.

Andrew's Of Oxford Ltd use only purified cleaning materials to remove dirt and grime, leaving your dress looking fresh and renewed.

Woman Wearing Wedding Dress, Wedding Dress Cleaning in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Our experts steam and iron your wedding dress for a lasting result. It is then hung up and covered, or wrapped in acid-free tissue paper for added protection.

Safe to Store

We carefully box up your wedding gown, making it easier to store. A selection of different patterned boxes is available, reflecting your individual style. What's more, we have the skills and expertise to re-size or alter any garment.

Request a service to find out more about our wedding dress cleaning services,
carried out by experienced and friendly dry cleaners from Oxford, Oxfordshire.